A true Pilates Enthusiast,
Founder of Strength In Balance Studio

Born and raised in Malaysia, Subita finished her schooling there and moved to the USA residing in Orange County CA. There, the interest in fitness developed even more; running, cycling, kickboxing being mainstays of her routine.

In 2005, She discovered Mat Pilates as an addition to the weekly routine. It was not until 2007 when nursing a pinched nerve that led her to see a Pilates instructor in a private session. That started the journey for the love of the craft which resulted in a decision to take on the 8-week intense Comprehensive training with BASI (Body Arts Science International) with the master and founder himself, Rael Isacowitz.

Graduating in 2009, she practised Pilates more than teaching it until a move to Brisbane Australia in 2015 changed everything. Apart from channelling into her hobbies for the love of the outdoors, she experimented with Pilates in Australia and found that it was tricky in how it delivered but in doing so, resulted in offers to teach which opened up a wealth of opportunities and not to mention, friends.

Today, in the middle of the pandemic, Subita has the chance to fulfil her dream of opening and operating a studio. Subita continues to pursue her craft in education via BASI Academy Australia for her members and herself.